Rotary Die Cutter

Rotary Die Cutting is designed to cut and crease corrugated boxes. Machine equipped with chain feeder pneumatic system with air pump Auto blanket repair system etc.

Semi Auto Flute Laminator

Auto Laminator is the substitution of manual pasting machine which is used to paste paper on corrugated sheet. Machine is high speed, highly productive and labour saving,

Thin Blade Slitter / Scorrer

Thin Blade Slitter / Scorer (Electric Setting)
Thin Blade Slitter / Scorer (Manual)Sizes available : 2000 / 2200 mm.Thin blade slitter and scorer are designed to slit, crease the corrugated board.

Semi Auto Folder Gluer

Auto folder Gluer is mainly used for printing carton packaging, carton adhesive process. Machine is designed for high production highly labour saving and latest in technology. Machine is controlled by PLC computer.

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